The pictures on this page are all used with the permission of the photographer or owner of the fish. Most are breed by PAGC members or their IFGA friends. If the only credit is “IFGA Show”, Cheri took it on her iphone… sorry for the not so great quality of pics but the fish were stunning in person!

If you have any picture we may use, please forward them to We’d love to show off your fish! And if you are the breeder of one of the unidentified fish, let me know so I can give you credit.

Please do not “borrow” or use these pictures in other places without giving credit to the breeder. Years of dedication go into raising these beauties.

Classification of Entries

I will arrange the classes on this page as they as classified.

Swordtails – tail shape

  • This is the first characteristic that is used to place a fish into the proper class for an IFGA show.
  • Eye color, body color, and caudal color are secondary to this classification.
  • If the caudal has sword-like extensions, it is a swordtail.
    Swordtails may be double or single.
  • Single Swordtails may be upper or lower.
  • All swordtails must have a clear area at the base of the peduncle.

Single Swordtail

Double Swordtail


Albinos – eye color

  • If the eyes are red or pink, the fish is albino.
  • Caudal color does not matter as long as it matches the dorsal.

Albino (Red) Delta

Albino (A.O.C.) Delta

Albino – Female


Half Black or Snakeskin – body pattern

Half Black

  • This is the color pattern that some used to call “tuxedo”
  • The fish must have black covering 60% of the area from the dorsal to the caudal.
  • No longer a “shade of black”, looking for a true black.
  • Ideally, the front half of the body should match the caudal and body color points are deducted if the fish does not have this rare match.
  • There are HB female classes for HB Red and HB AOC.

Half Black Green Delta

Half Black Red Delta

Half Black Red – Female

Half Black Blue Delta

Half Black Purple Delta

Half Black Yellow Delta

Half Black Pastel Delta

* Half Black White Delta

Half Black A.O.C. Delta

Half Black A.O.C. – Female


  • A distinct chain-link or rosette pattern over 60% of the body
  • If there are zebrinous bars instead of the snakeskin pattern, the fish should be shown in the appropriate caudal color class.
  • This is the pattern that some people use to refer to as “cobra”.

Snakeskin Solid Delta

Snakeskin Variegated Delta


Gold or Bronze – body color


  • Gold guppies have a minimum of an old gold color covering 25% of their body.
  • Caudal color does not matter as long as it matches the dorsal.

Gold – Female


  • Bronze guppies have an old gold colored body with a minimum of 25% of their scales edged in a dark color.
  • Caudal color does not matter as long as it matches the dorsal.

Bronze – Female


Caudal Color

Red Delta

Red – Female

Blue Delta

Green Delta

Black Delta

Black – Female

Purple Delta

Yellow Delta

Multi Delta

A.O.C. Delta

Red Bicolor Delta

Blue/Green Bicolor Delta

Blue/Green – Female

A.O.C. Bicolor Delta

A.O.C. – Female


Non – Delta Shape tail other than swordtail

All Color Veil

* All Color Wide Tail