When in doubt, we shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

For situations unique to our club, we will write a new section in our bylaws.

Here is an online version of Robert’s Rules if you are interested.

Name of the Club

  • The club shall be known as the PA GUPPY CLUB, LLC (still working on this – needed for 501c status) but will usually be referred to as PA Guppy Club.
  • Our name shall be abbreviated as PAGC

Digital Footprint

Purpose of PAGC Meetings

The Purpose of PAGC Meetings is to share our:

  • Experiences ~ we like to spend time talking with guppy guys & gals! We have all had interesting happenings in our fishrooms, at shows, annual meeting. and conventions.
  • Expertise ~ some excellent breeders are members of PAGC and will help you learn about selective breeding and raising show quality fish. We hope to encourage other fishy folks to try their hand at breeding to a standard. It’s not as easy as some think… takes a lot of skill. But we all can learn. And together we are striving for even more beautiful, healthy fancy guppies.
  • Excess of young guppies we keep! If you are going to raise winners, you will need to cull. Which means guppy breeders do sometimes share pet quality or fish that do not quite meet the standards. These are excellent for honing your skills. Learn to breed them. Use them in crosses to see what the resulting offspring develop. Or even food, yes sometimes an axolotl or turtle needs to eat.


  • Six meetings will be planned for 2019.
  • Every other month: January, March, May, July, September, and November
  • Meetings will be held on the 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon.
  • Meetings will take place at members homes so that we can visit various fishroom setups.
  • Members need to respond at least two days prior to the meeting to ensure the host has a count for refreshments and to share their address. We will not be posting the addresses of the host on Facebook or on flyers in newsletters.
  • The host will provide refreshments. Maybe we need to institute a $5 per person / per meeting (similar to KKG) to help the host defray the costs of feeding the guppy masses.
  • In the future, we may meet more frequently.


Membership requirments

  • $20 per year paid in January
  • General Membership includes all fishy folks from the same household… you share a roof, you share a membership. We’ll let you include your kids under 18, even if they don’t live with you as long as they still like guppies.

Benefits of Member in good standing

  • You get to spend time with others who feel its ok for you to buy another tank or ten… multi-tank syndrome is encouraged.
  • Connections to other guppy breeders.
  • As a PAGC member, you are also an NEC member. NEC membership offers you an informative newsletter with information regarding 35 aquatic clubs, the opportunity to participate in numerous NEC competition, discounts on NEC Convention registration, and the Convention!
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are helping your club grow. It takes money to be affiliated with other organizations, have a website, get legal with LLC’s and non-profit status!

Officers / Core Members ~ Roles & Responsibilities

There are many vital roles to keep an organization functioning well. Below are some of the responsibilities of each role, specific to a guppy club. And while all are volunteer positions, those who fill these roles must do their best to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

  • All Board members (Officers & Delegates) will have one vote in decisions.
  • If a person fills more than one role, they only have one vote; not one for each role!
  • Board Members must be an active club member in good standing.
  • Board Members need to read emails and respond when requested.

IFGA Core Members

  • All IFGA clubs must have five core members that are not listed as the officers or core members of another IFGA club.
  • Core members must be IFGA members in good standing.
  • Core members will be listed as such on the annual IFGA roster that is submitted by August 1st.
  • Contact information must be complete (Full name, address, phone number, and email) on the IFGA roster.


  • Must attend all meeting. If unable to attend, the vice president should preside over the meeting.
  • The President sets the agenda for the meeting and should share it with the other board members two weeks before the meeting so all can be prepared for their part of the meeting.
  • The President will manage the planning process prior to the meeting; communicating with other Board Members and confirming meeting location.
  • The President runs the meeting; calls the meeting to order, facilitates the execution of the agenda, and motions to adjourn.
  • The President should be a part of all committees formed to run the club.
  • When voting occurs, in the case of a tie, the President’s vote counts as 1.5 votes. Thus they are the tiebreaker.

Vice President

  • If at any time the President is unable to fulfill their duties, the Vice President should be prepared to step in for the day, or however long it takes!
  • This means they attend all meetings and are part of all committees, too.

Recording Secretary

  • Must attend all meetings. If unable to attend, must give enough notice so another person can take notes.
  • Will type a summary of the meeting activities as a blog post within a week of the meeting.

Corresponding Secretary

  • Creates advertising for club related activities to post on website and NEC Newsletter.
  • Distributes advertising to other IFGA & NEC clubs via Facebook events
  • Maintains a contact list of members under the PA Guppy Club Gmail account.
  • Maintains a spreadsheet with contact information for all members.
  • Prepares the IFGA roster, which is due on Aug 1st. The IFGA Delegate should then forward this roster to Rusty Strader, IFGA Membership Chair.


  • Candidates for the role of Treasurer should be vetted by the PAGC Board before they may run for that position. Someday we may have a little money…
  • The Treasurer is one of two people on the club’s future bank account. The other name should be a different board member.
  • For now, the Treasurer will keep our funds and cash box between meetings!
  • The Treasure will give a brief report at each meeting and a more detailed written report each November (last meeting of the year).
  • The Treasurer will make sure that the IFGA’s dues ($85 per year) are paid before August 1st.
  • The Treasurer will make sure that the NEC’s dues ($50 per year) are paid before January 1st.
  • After we have a bank account, PayPal is next. Similar to the bank account, the Treasurer is one of two people with access to the PayPal account.

Member at Large

  • Best board position of all!
  • Has voting privileges and involved in planning.
  • Acts as an ambassador for the PAGC, spreading good guppy news throughout the fish world!

IFGA Delegate

  • Must be an IFGA member.
  • Attend the IFGA annual meeting each year; you’re signing up to represent our club at the annual meeting and acting as our spokesperson! Delegates are the only people allowed to speak at annuals. Plus they vote!
  • If the IFGA Delegate is unable to attend the annual meeting, an alternate must be named and reported to the IFGA prior to the annual. Please allow adequate planning time for any changes!
  • Will share IFGA business with the club so they are able to make informed decisions when preparing for a vote.
  • Will report back to the IFGA how the club voted.
  • The IFGA Delegate will type a summary of the Annual Meeting as a blog post within a week of the meeting.
  • The IFGA Delegate will be in contact with the Treasurer to ensure club dues are paid to the IFGA Treasurer, Stephen Kwartler by August 1st.
  • The IFGA Delegate will be in contact with the Corresponding Secretary to ensure the yearly roster is prepared and forwarded to the IFGA Membership Chair, Rusty Strader by August 1st.

IFGA Contact Person

  • Must be an IFGA member.
  • Will be the first person contacted by the IFGA for
    input on topics or answers to questions.
  • Name will be listed on IFGA website as the person to contact for PAGC information.
  • Please note that the IFGA contacts the contact people (Contact and alternate contact). If the president is not a contact person, they should not assume that they will be contacted.

NEC Delegate

  • Attend 4 General Meetings held by phone conference once per quarter on Sunday afternoons.
  • Report PA Guppy Club events during the NEC General meetings.
  • Share NEC updates at PAGC meetings.
  • Act as the contact person between the PAGC and the NEC. Providing current contact information for officers, dates of events, and materials for the NEC Newsletter.
  • Share the NEC Newsletter with the paid membership via email.
  • The NEC Delegate will be in contact with the Treasurer to ensure club dues are paid to the NEC Treasurer, David Lass by January 7th.