The PA Guppy Club was accepted as a member of the Northeastern Council of Aquarium Societies at the November 2018 BOG meeting.

To find out more information about the NEC, please visit their website.

As an NEC club, all of our members are also NEC members. One of the best membership benefits is the yearly convention. This will be the second year that the NEFGA will be hosting a fancy Guppy meeting, show, and auction at the convention. Last year they shared this honor with the SJGG. Maybe our PAGC will join them in 2019. The space we were offered this year is larger than last year and online registration for our guppy show will be available so we are hoping for greater convention attendee participation. The NEC convention is a fantastic experience and I hope to see lots of guppy people there.

Convention registration opens up mid-January! Use this link to go to the 2019 Convention registration page. It is currently being updated so keep checking.

Past NEC Events

2018 Aquatic Experience – NEC/ALA Booth