Why does PAGC need a blog?

We would like to post a summary of our meeting minutes in our blog. When we held our first meeting, there was no website or blog. Igor got this started the middle of December. So thank you Igor! Then I (Cheri) spent time over the Christmas school break making lots of pages. Most pages are still under construction but we have begun. If you are reading this, you should be able to get to the rest of our site. If you have suggestions or pictures I can use on the site, please let me know.

11/10/18 Meeting minutes

Need treasurer, Need bank account, and pay pal

Dues will be paid in January

When the next meetings? No December meeting. Will decide next meet at the current meeting for now

Talk about the merchandise.  Will bring samples of any “military green” polos so that we can see the quality. Igor still would like to see a swordtail on the logo

Igor will start a WordPress website like the one he does for Chesapeake https://chesapeakeguppyclub2004.wordpress.com/

Then time down in the fishroom!

Who was at the meeting: Stephen M, Igor D, Nelson B, Tom J, Vince D, Clay C, Cheri T

Hope to see you at the next meeting… Saturday, January 26 at my place, Cheri

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